Install Rubber Grommets For The Cords And Cables In Your Residence And Office

Rubber grommets are tubes designed to line a hole to protect cords, cables, and connections that passed through it from damage. These rubber tubes are generally flared on each end with a flat rim or collar to keep them in place. Rubber grommets cover and cushion through holes, secure screws and bolts in place, seal gaps, protect electrical connections, and have many other uses.  

Standard rubber grommets are available in sizes from 1/4 inch to 1-1/2 inches and even larger. They come in various standard and specialized shapes. In order to choose the right size and shape rubber grommet for your needs, note the following considerations:

Measurements - Use calipers to precisely measure the depth of the object that you want your cords and cables to go through. Gather all of the cords and cables that you wish to go through the rubber grommet, and measure their combined width. These two measurements will help you determine the overall size and shape of the rubber grommet that you need. 

Special Grommets - Rubber grommets come in standard shapes such as round, oval, square, or rectangular. If you would like a rubber grommet that is a little different than these standard shapes, you can also buy one of the following rubber grommets that are available in most building and hardware supply stores: 

  1. Covered Grommets - Many rubber grommets are available with different types of covers. Some of these grommet covers slide open while others are easily cut with a utility knife to accommodate different widths of cords and cables. These covered grommets are good to use when you have a changing number of cords or cables that you wish to use in one grommet hole.
  2. Cord Guard Grommets - Cord guard grommets have an extra length of rubber tubing that extends from the bottom end of the central tube to give extra support and protection to the cords and connections. These cord guards prevent the cords and connections from bending too severely when they exit the grommet. 
  3. Open End Grommets - Open end grommets differ from standard rubber grommets as they do not have a flared rim or collar on one side. This type of grommet is good to use when you are going through a very thick desk or piece of furniture and do not need to secure the grommet in place on both ends. This is also a useful grommet to use when you wish to frequently move machines and appliances from one location to another. 

Grommet Installation - For ease of installation, warm up your rubber grommet by soaking it in a cup of warm water before you insert it in the through hole. This will loosen the rubber and make it more pliable as you bend it in place. If needed, you can also cut a rubber grommet from end to end with a utility knife, roll it around your cords, insert it in your grommet hole, and release it to fill the perimeter of the hole. 

Rubber grommets are tear resistant and heat resistant and can waterproof many cords and connections that fit snugly within them. You can purchase rubber grommet kits that contain a selection of the most popular sizes of rubber grommets so that you will have them on hand whenever you need them. If you need rubber grommets of a non-standard size and or shape, you can have them custom made for you. Contact an industrial grommet manufacturer in your area or online with your measurements and installation requirements. Once you have all of your cords, cables, and connections properly installed with protective rubber grommets, you can rest assured that they are safe and secure in your home and/or office.