3 Safety Measures You Can Take To Increase The Safety Of Your Pallet Storage Area

If you have an area within your business where your store multiple pallets and stack them up on top of one another, you need to make sure that you take every precaution necessary to keep the pallets, your goods, and your employees safe. Here are three safety measures you can easy implement this fall to increase the safety of your business's pallet storage area.

#1 Label The Shelves

The first thing you can do, that is really easy to implement, is a shelf labeling system. These labels should indicate where different types of goods should be stored. These labels should be located at the end of each aisle and under each area where you can rest a pallet. 

These labels should include information about the weight and size limit of the shelf, as well as what specific items should be stored in those areas. 

#2 Install Safety Bumpers

Second, you should install safety bumpers on the shelves. The bumpers will go across the shelves and will help make them more sturdy. Additionally, if you run into these bumpers with a pallet, the pallet should bounce off the bumpers and the integrity of the shelving system should not be compromised. 

You also need to install safety bumpers on the corners of all the rows of pallets. These safety bumpers will help ensure that if the shelves are bumped into by your pallet mover, that the integrity of the entire shelf will not be compromised. You can put rubber safety bumpers at the end of each row, or you can install cement safety bumpers to provide a line of defense between your shelving units and anything that may bump them.

# 3 Increase The Lighting

Another way to ensure that the area where you store pallets stays safe is by increasing the lighting. Oftentimes, the lighting is not that bright in warehouse storage settings. Dim lighting can lead to mistakes and employees errors around your pallet storage, which can compromise employee safety as well as the safety of your goods.

You can remedy this problem by installing motion lights that turn on whenever someone is present in your pallet storage area. If your overhead lights are really spread out, you can hire an electrician to wire more overhead lights so that they are more close together and produce more light. Work with a local electrician to come up with a plan to brighten the light in your pallet storage area.

Keep your employees and your products safe by implementing the four pallet safety measures above. Some of these measures should be relatively easy, such as putting up signs, and other will be more intensive, such as increasing the lighting. Start with the easiest and least expensive safety measure, and work your way up. For assistance, talk to a professional like Commercial Hardware.