FAQ About Pneumatic Tube Systems

Are you excited about the large medical facility that you are getting constructed? Although having a large amount of space means that you can likely provide a wider range of services, it might be hard to get around the building productively. For instance, obtaining medical files might be a long walk from one end of the building to the other. Getting a pneumatic tube system installed is an ideal investment for your facility. This article contains helpful information that will explain some of the questions that you might have in mind about pneumatic tube systems.

How Does a Pneumatic Tube System Work?

Basically, a pneumatic tube system will work via the installation of numerous tubes throughout your medical facility. The tubes will all be connected to one another in the areas of the building that you desire. For instance, you can get the tubes routed in a way in which they connect the laboratory to the room where medical records are kept. Employees in the laboratory will then be able to send documentation through a cylindrical container to the medical records room and vice versa.

What Can Be Sent Through a Pneumatic Tube System?

The type of items that can be sent through a pneumatic tube system is unlimited. As long as the items are able to fit inside of the containers, they will be good to go. You can send items such as medical supplies, tubes of fluid, and anything else that you can think of. Just make sure fluids are tightly sealed in tubes before they are placed inside of the cylindrical containers.

Can the Routes of the Cylindrical Containers Be Changed?

If you ever have a need for routing the containers in different directions, this will be an easy task. You will not need the help of a professional to reinstall the tubes. All you will have to do is program the pneumatic system using a computer, and the containers will begin going in the routes of your choice. You will need new tubes installed only if you want to start sending containers into an area of the building that isn't a part of the pneumatic system.

Will Items Be Secure in the Cylindrical Containers?

You don't have to worry about anything falling out of the containers when they are traveling through the system. If the lids on the containers happen to become loose after some time has passed, you will likely need to invest in new plastic seals. The seals will keep the lids secure on the containers. It is actually wise to invest in a few extra seals to have easy access to them when needed.

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