4 Grinding Equipment Systems To Consider

If part of your business consists of taking leftover stone from various construction jobs and grinding it for other purposes, you may already be aware that you need some kind of grinding system to ensure that the stones are ground and crushed adequately. However, you might not know that there are in fact many systems to choose from and that each has different benefits that you could want. Here are some systems you may consider if you are in the market for one.

Hammering Systems

The first kind of system is a simple one. In a hammering grinding system, stones are placed on a conveyor belt and slammed with multiple hydraulic hammers. The actual hammering happens in an enclosed unit so that the shattering stones don't fly off the belt and injure anyone or make a mess. This kind of system is best when you need to have the stones crushed quickly. However, be aware that the stones that result are smaller and not smooth; the pieces are not uniform either. You might want to do additional crushing or shaping on the stones, depending on your needs.

Horizontal Auger System

Another way to crush stones is to drop them into an auger system. Typically, a crane or other machine will drop a large block or stone into this grinding system and a spinning spindle slices its way through the stone, creating smaller rocks. This grinding equipment system is best for large pieces on work sites that cannot be lifted by hand.

Weighted Cylinder Systems

With this system, two cylinders are used. One is hollow and stones are place inside it to be crushed. An interior cylinder is filled with sand or at times water. The interior cylinder, as a result, is very heavy and moves within the other one, crushing stones. This system is best for smaller stones.

Vertical Spindle Grinding System

As with the other type of auger system, stones are dropped in at the top. The key difference is that this system uses gravity to crush rocks with a spindle that spins vertically instead of horizontally. This can sometimes result in quicker crushing.

With a clearer understanding of what kinds of systems might work for your company's own needs, you are better able to make sound decisions. Talk with different industrial vendors and others in the industry to decide what systems are most suitable for your specific industry needs.