3 Useful Tips When Purchasing A Mezzanine Structure For More Warehouse Space

If you work in a warehouse, you're always looking for ways to maximize available space. You can do just that with a mezzanine, a structure that gives you additional space on the top and an open floor plan on the bottom. When purchasing one of these structures, these tips are helpful to consider. 

Assess Available Space 

So that you don't run into any installation issues with your mezzanine structure, it's important to assess the available space in your warehouse. Where in your warehouse would this structure go? It helps to select a location that is free of surrounding structures. 

The area also needs to be fairly tall, as these mezzanine structures are pretty tall themselves. Once you've found the right area, mark off a perimeter. You'll then want to gather its width and length dimensions. Only then will you have a better idea of how big or small your mezzanine structure needs to be.

Decide Between New Or Used 

As far as the condition of mezzanines, you can buy either new or used. New mezzanines will be structurally perfect as they've never been used before. You thus won't have to worry about any issues going wrong with it, at least for the foreseeable future. You will have to shell out more money for a new mezzanine, though.

Conversely, you can save way more money when you purchase a used mezzanine. It may not be without dents and scratches, but as long as the structure is in tact, a used mezzanine can still prove to be a great investment for your warehouse.

Don't Forget About Specialty Features 

You can get the most out of your warehouse mezzanine by thinking about what features you want it to come with. For safety purposes, you should consider mezzanines with heavy-duty safety guardrails. They'll keep you and your staff in a certain vicinity, so the risk of falling off the top tier is drastically reduced.

Speaking of falling, there are mezzanines that come with textured surfaces. They help you retain footing with ease, even when liquids like oil and water are present. You should also think about what materials you want this structure to be made of. For longevity, you can't go wrong with weatherproof materials. They won't be affected by rusting or warping. 

There's no better way to add more space to your warehouse than to install a mezzanine. As long as you think about details that will impact your operations, this structure should work out perfectly in terms of maximizing your warehouse's storage space. 

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