Ready-Mix Concrete For Industrial Use: Common FAQs

As someone in the manufacturing business, there are all kinds of suppliers that you will likely work with. Even suppliers who can provide concrete may be needed for certain manufacturing processes. Thankfully, ready-mix concrete is not at all hard to find, but you do probably have a few questions. Take a look at some of the most common questions regarding ready-mix and the answers you should know as a business owner who may have to rely on it. 

How are ready-mix concrete and cement different?

It is common for people to say cement when they are talking about concrete and vice versa, but these are two different things. Ready-mix concrete is created in a production facility and mixed to exact specifications. The mix contains everything from sand and different aggregates to cement, and when water is added, the mix becomes a sort of paste-like material that can be smoothed and maneuvered. Hence, cement is actually a component of concrete mixes, and you would be hard pressed to find a bag of ready-mix that did not contain at least some cement. 

What are the advantages of using small batches of ready-mix concrete during production?

If you are in a production facility that relies on concrete to create certain products, the consistency of the concrete can completely affect the end result of your product and its quality. Therefore, it is pretty common for even large industrial operations to rely on smaller batches of ready-mix concrete on a daily basis. Because this concrete is produced under tight quality control and observation, there is always a level of reliability to appreciate. With larger delivered batches, this may not always be the case. 

Is it possible to order custom batches of ready-mix concrete in small quantities?

Sometimes, there may be a need for a certain aggregate, level of cement, or coloring agent in ready-mix concrete. If you find a local concrete company that offers delivered loads of ready-mix, you can probably get them to work with you to create a customized product. If you have a need for a dry product that can be mixed on-site at your place of business, make sure you let the concrete company know up front what it is you need. They can listen to what you need from a concrete product, create that product to your specifications, and even package it in small bundles if that is what you need. 

For more information, reach out to a ready-mix concrete supplier or company.