Factories: Store And Retrieve Surplus Products Safely

If you keep surpluses of products, supplies, and equipment in your factory, you may store the items in places your employees can't access easily, such as near the ceiling or in the back of your building. Employees may need to use unsafe portable ladders to store and retrieve your goods. You can make it safer for your workers to store and retrieve your surplus items easier with the information below.

How Can Portable Ladders Be Unsafe?

Although portable ladders can be useful in reaching or accessing some areas of your factory, the devices may not be safe when it comes to accessing exceptionally high places. Ladders that aren't tall or long enough to reach the ceiling or items placed in the back of your factory may force employees to stretch or reach beyond their capacity to access your goods. 

In addition, your ladders may not have the stability or strength to support large or heavy loads. Some of your surplus items may be too heavy for staff to carry up your ladders. Your workers may lose their footing, slip, or even drop items to the ground.

If you introduce a better way for your workers to store and retrieve goods in your factory, you can keep everyone safe with scissor lifts.

How Can Your Staff Store and Retrieve Goods Safely?

If you don't have scissor lifts in your factory right now, purchase them soon. Scissor lifts come with small platforms you can use to reach or access high or inaccessible places in your building. The machines generally come with special features that allow your workers to:

  • control how high or low they wish to go
  • navigate small areas easily
  • view their surroundings safely

The machines may also carry and lift heavy items, such as bulk supplies and light equipment. However, the weight limit for most scissor lifts is under a ton. Some lifts will shut down automatically or cease operation if their loads are too large or heavy to raise or support safely. If you wish to use stronger or larger scissor lifts in your factory, ask a lift supplier for help immediately.

Before you implement scissor lifts in your factory, your employees must be able to use and operate the machines properly. Your employees may receive training online or in-person, depending on the school they choose to attend. A scissor lift supplier may offer some guidance on how to train your staff when you contact them for services.

Scissor lifts can make storing and retrieving surplus goods easier for your employees. To find out more, consult a scissor lift supplier today.