How To Properly Care For Moulding Knives Over The Years

If you rely on a moulding machine to cut various materials, the knives are an integral part of this cutting action. You, thus, want to keep them in great condition for as long as you can so as to keep replacement costs to a minimum. You can have success in maintaining these specialty knives by remembering this advice.

Clean Knives Often 

Like with any important cutting component, cleaning moulding knives is essential for them holding up for a long time. Try to clean these knives after every project you complete and be strategic with how you clean.

It helps to use a mild form of bleach. It can remove material buildup and other residues that have collected after a while. You also want to use a soft-bristled brush. It will be strong enough to remove particles, but not so strong to where it causes your knives damage. 

Have Knives Professionally Sharpened

After using moulding knives for a while, they'll naturally start getting duller. These effects can negatively impact your fabrication projects and also affect the durability of your moulding knives. That's why they need to be sharpened eventually.

Instead of trying to do this yourself and getting subpar results, hire a professional company to take care of this sharpening task. A specialized company will already have the right tools and knowledge to achieve optimal sharpening results. 

They can make sure the knives' profiles are where they need to be and put them through practice cuts, making sure they're ready for your operations.

Stay on Top of Damage

Moulding knives are pretty durable, but they won't hold up perfectly forever. Some of your knives will suffer damage, making it important to keep an eye out for potential issues while you're working.

Being attentive about moulding knife damage helps you respond quickly before the damage gets worse. Also, think about having your moulding knives inspected by a specialist a couple of times each year. They'll perform an in-depth analysis of each blade's thickness, sharpness, and cutting ability. 

If there are problems, the inspector will let you know and suggest particular repairs that are needed to restore your blades back to their original and optimal form. 

Moulding knives are instrumental in moulders being able to cut effectively and safely. Keeping your knives in great shape for the foreseeable future is easily achievable if you care for them using proven steps like regular inspections, sharpening, and cleaning. They truly do work. 

If you need new moulding knives, reach out to a local replacement moulding knives supplier.