Getting The Right Stone Or Gravel For Your Project

Gravel and stone can be used in many different ways, and getting the right material for the job you are doing is not difficult if you know where to look. Working with a stone gravel supplier to get the material you need is the best place to start.

Gravel Uses

Gravel has many different uses, and depending on what you are using it for, the type of gravel can change. If you add gravel to a driveway, you may want to use larger gravel made from crushed stone and has rough edges. This coarse gravel can look great and comes in many different colors so that you can tailor it to your needs. 

Gravel used for drainage may be a little smaller and smoother so water can run through it easier but can be made from the same material. The smoother gravel is often the result of tumbling the gravel to knock off the sharp edges and smooth the rock. 

Small gravel is often used in landscaping for beds that have plants like cacti or other plants that grown in arid areas, or it could be used to line the base of a water feature or dry creek bed feature that runs through your landscape. Talk to the stone gravel supplier about what you are doing with the gravel, and they can recommend one that will work best for your application. 

Large Stone

The same supplier you buy gravel from will also offer stone in different sizes and types that you can use for many different things. A stone gravel supplier will often carry stone from many different areas, so if you are looking for a specific material or type of stone, you can get it. 

The stone is often available in small amounts, or you may be able to get it in large truckloads for larger projects. If you are building a stone walkway or wall around your yard, you may want to order the stone at the same time so that all the stone comes from the same batch and matches well. 

Take a trip to the stone gravel supplier to look at the stone they offer, and if you have questions about what material will hold up the best for your situation, ask the stone supplier about it. They may recommend a specific type of stone for your walkway but a different stone for a wall or a water feature. If you are not sure what you need, contact the professionals at the stone gravel supplier to learn more about your options.