Why Industrial Fans Can Be So Important In Manufacturing And Industrial Spaces

When you need a fan to use in an industrial environment, getting the right fan can be critical. Industrial fans come in many different types for many different purposes, and while some are larger versions of standard fans, some are highly specialized units. 

Moving Air

When looking for a fan for your industrial or manufacturing space, the first step is determining what the fan's use will be. A fan that is moving air through an area for ventilation will often be a large fan designed to circulate a large volume of air, but this is not always the case. 

While it might seem that the larger the fan, the more air it will move, this is not always true. The design of the fan and blades can have a significant impact on the CFM (cubic feet per minute) of air that moves through it. 

Industrial ceiling fans, for instance, turn extremely slowly, but because the blades are large and designed to force air down, they can create a large volume of air movement in your industrial space. Working with an industrial fan manufacturer is often the best way to get a fan that will work correctly and move the air you need in a specific space. 

Safety Concerns

Anytime you are using fans in your facility, one of the first concerns should be personal safety, followed by environmental safety. If you are placing a fan in an area that people are working, the blades must be covered so that people can not get hurt on the fan. Loose clothing, long hair, and anything that could get sucked into the fan is a concern, so you will need to ensure that people are working safely around the fan, even if all the guards are in place and safety measures are followed. 

Environmental safety is also a huge concern in an industrial facility. If you are using any chemicals, paint, or solvents with potentially explosive fumes, the industrial fans you are using need to be rated for use in that environment. Because these fans are electric, their housing must be completely sealed so no fumes from the products can get into the motor. 

One tiny spark from the electric motor could cause a fire or explosion that could be devastating. Industrial fans are available in portable and permanent mounted configurations that are rated for these environments. They are more expensive to purchase, but the safety of the people in your facility and the facility itself could depend on using industrial fans sealed and rated for this environment. 

Talk to your fan supplier if you have any questions about what you should be using in your facility, and they can help you select what you need for your situation.