Features To Look For In Janitorial Push Brooms For Professional Cleaning

A push broom might seem like a simple cleaning instrument, but it plays a big role in a lot of janitorial companies' cleaning services. If you're in the market for these brooms, here are some features that can help your cleaning activities remain efficient and professional.

Long-Lasting Bristles

If you're hoping to end up with a janitorial push broom that lasts for a considerable amount of time despite how often the broom is used, make sure that long-lasting bristles are provided on the head. The bristles should be sturdy but flexible enough to support the cleaning actions you put them through. 

Polypropylene plastic as a bristle material can give you long-lasting qualities that you will come to rely on regardless of the environments the push broom is used in. You can be rough with the broom and pick up all sorts of debris while still having bristles that provide thorough cleaning action.

Ergonomic Handle With a Rubber Grip

Spending more than a few hours moving a push broom around a client's site might be pretty typical. You'll thus want to keep your hands protected and comfortable by choosing a push broom that includes an ergonomic handle with a rubber grip.

The handle will fit just right in your hands while the rubber will keep the push broom from slipping away. You can sweep for hours with adequate control and minimize hand fatigue.

Detachable Head Design

A very important maintenance step to perform on janitorial push brooms is cleaning the head. The head will get dirty after a couple of passes on a client's floors. Cleaning this portion of the broom won't be hard if you ensure it has a detachable design.

Rather than having to maneuver the entire push broom around when getting things out of the bristles, you can just remove the head completely and have more control over this component. You can easily put it under water or let it soak in a cleaning solution for as long as you like.

There are a lot of cleaning products that are important to janitorial companies. Out of the bunch, push brooms are some of the most important. They'll be helpful in cleaning debris around a client's building or office. Just make sure you choose push brooms that are set up to provide effective and user-friendly cleaning for more than a couple of years. Contact a company that sells janitorial products to learn more.