Landscaping Projects That Could Use A Forklift

If you're starting a landscaping project that requires moving heavy loads, a forklift could be a useful piece of machinery to have around. For outdoor use, you'll need a forklift that has enough ground clearance to drive around your yard without getting stuck and is powered by diesel (not an electric one). 

Here are some of the projects you could use a forklift for when designing and constructing your yard's landscape.

1. Building a pond

When you're building a pond, the thing that comes to mind first is excavation. However, digging is just one step of the process; once you've excavated the area, you'll also need to move heavy items, such as pond liner, stones to line the pond, bags of fill material, etc. A forklift can be a great workhorse that provides plenty of carrying power to help move these things around.

2. Building a retaining wall

A retaining wall is another project where you may need to move heavy items around carefully. For example, if you have bricks or concrete blocks, you'll want to stack them carefully to move them to the site, rather than jumbling them all together in a truck bed, which could damage them. Forklifts are great at moving around stacked materials, so you should consider a forklift rental when you're planning to build a retaining wall or other landscaping wall on your property.

3. Constructing a gazebo

A forklift can also shine when moving around large construction materials, such as long pieces of wood. If you're creating a small building as a landscaping project, such as a gazebo or pergola, the long pieces of wood could be very unwieldy.

A machine such as a backhoe may have difficulty moving this type of material, but a forklift can be just the right tool and ensure that you don't have to haul all the materials by hand.

4. Installing statuary

One area where forklifts shine is in moving heavy, fragile items gently. For instance, if you have large statues in the back of a truck, a forklift can help carefully lower them to the ground without breaking them. The forklift can then transport the statues to the correct area for easy installation.

These are just some of the ways you can use a forklift in your next landscaping project. Get in touch with a forklift rental company to learn more about how to use forklifts and the best type of forklift to use for your project.