Do You Need An Emergency Boiler Rental?

If boilers play a vital role in your daily operations, you expect your equipment to work proficiently throughout the day. But if one of your boilers breaks down repeatedly, you could fall behind in everything you need to do each day. To combat your dilemma, you can rent an emergency boiler until you're able to repair your broken equipment. Read below to learn why it's helpful to have an emergency boiler on hand until you straighten out your failing boiler.

What Are Emergency Boilers?

Emergency boilers temporarily replace broken, overheating, or obsolete equipment. Emergency boilers are mobile devices used to take the place of traditional boiler systems. The boilers come with the same or similar features as traditional boilers, including emergency switches and feed water systems.

Emergency boilers come in a variety of models, including trailer-mounted and fire tubed. Water tubed boilers may also be available if you need them for work. Fire tubed boilers tend to be more compact in size, which makes them easy to store or move around in your building. 

Each emergency boiler generally comes with water softeners to keep your water clean as well as freeze protectors to keep your water hot. Some emergency boiler rental companies also offer heated hoods for their boiler systems. 

The features above are only some of the things emergency boilers have to offer you. Contact an emergency industrial and manufacturing company to rent your boiler today.

How Do You Rent the Right Boiler?

Choosing the right emergency boiler system can be difficult at times. An industrial and manufacturing company can help you select the right boiler for your needs. To do so, a company will need the following information from you, including the following:

  • The type of business or industry you work in or operate
  • The feedwater you use for your business 
  • The kind of environment you work in during the day

After you submit the information above, a rental company will deliver your boiler to your worksite.

You'll need to supply your own fuel source and feedwater for your rental. If you rent a gas-fired boiler and don't have a fuel supply station in your building, a rental company may rent a temporary storage tank to you. If this is the case for you, inform a rental company immediately before you order your equipment. 

A boiler supply company may also require you to obtain insurance for your rental equipment. The insurance covers any damages your rental may sustain within your business. A company will discuss the type of insurance you need before you complete your order.

Learn how you can rent an emergency boiler by contacting a supplier today.