A Color-Matched Roof Coating Is An Attractive Way To Restore Your Old Roof

If your commercial roof is getting old and you're thinking about options, consider getting a roof coating. There are a few types of coatings, so you can have one applied to nearly any type of roof. If you have foam, PVC, rubber, TPO, BUR, or even asphalt shingles, you can find a coating for your roof, even if it's flat or sloped. White is a popular color for a coating, but you can also get a color-match roof coating that gives your building a unique and attractive look. Here's more information about roof coatings.

A Roof Coating Makes Your Roof Watertight

One reason roof coatings are so popular is they can make old roofs watertight again. You can put off buying a new roof and keep your old one once it's been coated. You should get several more years of service from your roof even though it's old since the coating protects it from further UV damage. The coating goes on in a single continuous layer so there are no seams to allow leaks.

Color-Matched Roof Coatings Can Be Used For Repairs Too

While coatings are usually applied over the entire roof, it's possible to use a coating to put over repaired areas to help the roof last longer. If you just place the coating over part of the roof, you'll want the color to match the color of your roof. This is hard to do with shingles that have different colors, but you can color-match a metal roof and roofing membranes.

If the coating is applied over your entire roof, you can select the color you like best that makes your building attractive. A colorful coating is a good idea for a sloped roof that can be seen from the street. The roof can also help identify your building so people can spot it from a distance.

Applying A Roof Coating Requires Preparation Steps

Putting on a coating is fairly quick and easy, but the preparation of the old roof can take time because the surface of the roof has to be as clean as possible. Grit and debris keep a coating from adhering as well as it should. Power washing the roof might be necessary. Also, water damage and major roofing damage should be repaired first. This might require replacing insulation boards or cover boards in a leaky area.

Rust may need to be scraped off with a wire brush. Holes and seams may need to be patched. A coating can cover up mild damage, but more serious problems need to be fixed so the coating lasts a long time. Plus, you don't want your color-matched roof coating to have imperfections if it can be seen from the street.